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Fallen Heroes // Latest Update

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Greetings everyone,

Today, 9/24/2016 we're finally announcing that we're releasing the Fallen Heroes.
Fallen Heroes are Wither Skeletons with OP gear that's holding one of the best loot available.
Fallen Heroes are holding GKIT gems, they have really OP gear
- Protection X
- Sharpness X
You're mission is to kill it and get the last hit to get the GKIT gem.
Fallen Heroes can only be summoned at /warp KoTH.
Types of fallen heroes:
- Assasin
- Pasific
- Necromancer
- Senior
- Bloodstone



What the Ip pls



I was also interested in the question about your ip address. And wondered if I will have problems with the connection, in that case, if I use a proxy connection? Thanks in advance.


You are here » MysticMC » Server Announcements » Fallen Heroes // Latest Update