No Swearing
Respect everyone (staff, other players)
Do not use any hacked clients/mods
Not allowed to scam people
- Insiding = Allowed
- TP trapping = Allowed
- Trade scamming = Allowed
- Other = Not allowed
Don't abuse hacks or glitches
Do not ask staff members for OP/Ranks

Not allowed to tpo without a players permission unless in vanish
Not allowed to give yourself items
Not allowed to ban a player because of something that happened on an other server (or irl)
Not allowed to /tpohere or /tpo and kill player
Not allowed to /kill player
Not allowed to /invsee a player to take an item that's yours
Not allowed to mute a player unless advertising/spamming/disrespect

These are the main Rules. You should know the rest of the rules, because they are all basic rules!