Greetings Everyone,

We're finally introducing a new Mystic Event to MysticMC - KoTH.

KoTH is a popular factions minigame where players compete for center capturable region. If you can keep control of the region for 15 minutes, you will be rewarded with some of the best loot available!

Types of loot you can get:

1x Irong Golem Spawner
1x Blaze Spawner
1x Mystery Mob Spawner
1x Envoy Summoner
1x Elder Rank
1x Knight Rank
1x Commander Rank
1x Warrior Rank
1x Witcher Rank
1x Assasin GKIT
1x Pasific GKIT
1x Necromancer GKIT
1x Senior GKIT
1x Bloodstone GKIT
1x KoTH Helmet
1x KoTH Chestplate
1x KoTH Leggings
1x KoTH Boots
1x KoTH Sword
1x Envoy Timer
1x Mystic Token
1x 250.000 XP Bottle
1x 500.000 XP Bottle
1x 100.000 XP Bottle

Right now there is no scheduled KoTH, because no one know how to set the Scheduled KoTH up.
But all KoTH's will be
- Tuesday 4PM EST
- Thursday 4PM EST
- Saturday 4PM EST