1) What's your IGN?* KillerGank

2) Do you have skype?* yes

3) Do you have a rank on the server (if so which one)? Witcher

4) What's your staff experience? Very good

5) How long have you been playing on MysticMC sence it came out

6) How did you find out about our server? You

7) What do you know about hackers? I hate them

8) How long have you been playing Minecraft? 5 years

9) How old are you? (does not affect) 12

10) Have you ever been banned before, if so why? No

11) How good of a staff can you be? Very Good

12) How many hours do you playr per week? 10

13) What's your name history, or alts name? Brilliant_

14) What time zone do you live in? Eastern

15) Anything else we should know? No