Do we have custom enchants?
- yes we do (/enchanter)

Do we have gkits?
- yes we do (/gkit)

How oftens are envoys?
- Every 30 Minutes (can use the Envoy Timer Compass to look at time)

Are you guys in need of staff?
- No we're not, we're full

How often are Last Man Standing?
- Every Week

How often are KoTH?
- Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Is there Custom TnT?
- Sadly we don't

Is there Custom Creeper Eggs?
- Yes, there is. You can get Ceggs from Envoys or has a % chance of dropping from Creepers

How can I get MysticTokens?
- Envoys or /warp trade (trade OP items for Mystic Tokens)

Are we working on a Network?
- We're planning on making a network with the following games
    - UHC
    - KitPvP

How can I withdraw XP?
- /xpbottle (amount)

What plugins do we use?
- Well non of us know...

What host are we using?
- No one knows...

Are we getting a Domain soon?
- Yes we are going to